Class Action Filed Against Logan Paul, CryptoZoo

Logan Paul and the Co-Defendants promised a product — this NFT ecosystem, the ability to change animals — and promoted the product as an investment game that would make the players money. As those words were being spoken to unwitting consumers investing millions collectively in… read more

Ellzey & Associates Sue CryptoZoo, Logan Paul

We have initiated the first of what will be many, many arbitrations against CryptoZoo and its founders. We patiently waited with our clients for Logan Paul and the CryptoZoo team to evaluated the situation and ultimately do the right thing. The options outlined in Mr…. read more

Another Scammer? The Country is Tiring of Narcissists and Sociopaths.

This firm thrives on investigating fraud. We’ve seen it all, but we are still so often shocked over both the brazenness of the schemes themselves, and their masterminds’ lack of interest in apologizing for or explaining why they provided nothing in return for the money… read more