Hyundai Owner Files Suit Against Vehicle Manufacturer

Connie King, a resident of the Houston suburbs, recently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of herself and others against Hyundai Motors. After owning her Santa Fe for several years, she was unable to open the gas tank door on her own. When she brought her vehicle to her local dealership, mechanics had to pry the door off to gain access to the gas tank. She soon learned this costly repair was at no fault of her own, but actually a widespread issue among owners of the Hyundai Santa Fe. The “fuel filler door,” as Hyundai describes the part, was defective.

Defendant Hyundai had designed, built or sold the Hyundai 2020 Santa Fe to Ms. King, with a warranty it would be functional over time. Despite their knowledge of the design defect, Defendants have not issued a mandatory recall of the commercial model despite acknowledging the issue. Plaintiff paid nearly $800 out of her own pocket to repair her vehicle, a costly expense that Hyundai should have covered. When consumers purchase new vehicles, they expect the manufacturer to uphold warranties and stand by their product. 

If a new vehicle is having widespread issues that are known to the manufacturer, it is common for a recall to be issued. The manufacturer will notify customers via warranty and registration records about the defect and offer to repair it. Having a defective gas tank design is an incredibly dangerous flaw that could cause catastrophic injury. Hyundai is an experienced vehicle manufacturer that would have knowledge of notice issuance when significant problems, like a gas tank design defect, happen.

If you own a car, SUV or other vehicle manufactured by Hyundai with a defective gas tank door, please reach out to our firm for a free consultation. Jarrett Ellzey is an experienced litigator with proven results. Ellzey & Associates, PLLC has fought for the consumer in many cases and have found success in and out of the court room. Our firm is working with well-known youtuber Attorney Tom Kherkher and his firm, Attorney Tom and Associates. We are grateful for the opportunity to help Ms. King and are hopeful to find resolution for her and any other clients who are suffering from the same issues.