There is no one else I would trust to represent me. Jarrett is easily the most knowledgeable attorney I’ve ever met. He’s understanding, attentive, kind, confident, professional and he will stop at nothing to ensure that you’re taken care of in every way. I cannot recommend his services enough.

Gary M.

Mr. Ellzey guided me through an extremely stressful process with such care and attention that I could not possibly recommend the services of Ellzey & Associates more highly. His professionalism is unmatched and the welcoming and friendly environment he works in made me feel safe and cared for. Thank you for everything!

Christi W.

From the first phone inquiry to the resulting settlement, these guys exceeded all expectations. After having dealt with a couple of big, impersonal law firms, it was refreshing (and in the end, beneficial) to receive the personal service that Ellzey and Assoc. offered. The staff was in constant communication with me. Their attention and research with my case produced a much better result than I thought was possible. I've referred them to two different friends in similar situations.

Chris N.

When the odds looks like they are against you Attorney Ellzey and legal assistant Ms. Alice will give you hope and turn things around they helped me and my family. We Highly recommend and their office are very patient with my many phone calls thank you highly!!

Hugh S.

They handled everything within delicacy and care ! 10 out of 10 recommend!

Martina H.

What a great experience! The entire team was a pleasure to work with and worked hard to come to an agreement in our situation. They communicated with us often on the progression of our case and clearly explained our options as we moved forward. I would highly recommend Hughes Ellzey, LLP if you need results.


Excellent attorneys, great service, friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable approach. I recommend Hughes Ellzey to everyone who has questions about legal issues!


what an Amazing job these guys did in settling our case. I was completely satisfied.

Reeve S.

You definitely want Craft Hughes on your team. He's cool, calm, collected, confident, caring, experienced smart and strategic! He and his team worked hard to effectively and efficiently resolve a matter we were dealing with within a very reasonable time-frame.

Justin C.

I've been dealing with Craft, and let me say this has been quite an experience. So positive. Such a quick turn around. Very impressive and very professional. I needed a letter, and he got it whipped up right away for me and it solved the problem. So thankful to have been able to do business with this firm and looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

Lee S.

The paralegal I spoke with was very helpful and actually got back to me when she said she would.

Bobby L.

Through one of the hardest times in my life, Hughes Ellzey, LLP helped make sense of the whirlwind around me! I’m so excited and thankful to have had these associates by my side! They were invested in getting me what I deserved and showed no mental fatigue or desire to back down. Even after my case was settled (because of these amazing lawyers, we avoided court and litigation!), they kept their direct lines open to me for anything I needed. Everything was done in a timely manner with the client in mind. Craft Hughes even flew to my city to meet for mediation and made it known that he would do it again, if necessary. I *highly* recommend this practice! Legal issues can be scary, but they’re so much better with knowledgeable, kindhearted people behind you!! I will be recommending Hughes Ellzey, LLP to any family or friends and highly suggest you take the leap in trusting them!


Mr. Hughes has a sharp legal mind. I found the entire staff to be extremely knowledgeable, beyond just competent, empathetic to our needs and desires, efficient, ethical and realistic. No surprises and amazing results.

Merryl B.

Excellent law firm with exceptional skills. Very courteous. I would recommend them & their services to everyone.

Lauren D.

I had a very satisfying experience with Hughes Ellzey, LLP. It was a pleasure having a great service,friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable approach. I would recommend to everyone who has questions about legal issues. Especially, I would like to mention Mr. Craft Hughes. Mr. Hughes is very knowledgeable, professional, attention to details.

Irene K.

Super professional and I would highly recommend Hughes and Ellzey. They are extremely knowledgeable and were able to handle what turned out to be a very complex case. In addition to their legal expertise, their billing was fair and transparent.

Adam W.

I've had the opportunity to work with Hughes Ellzey as co-counsel on several cases. They're some of the most hardworking, committed and knowledgeable attorneys I've had the pleasure of being associated with. I look forward to working with them in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who's looking for a lawyer to get the best results possible.

Ryan Z.

Hughes Ellzey has delivered amazing results for our clients. The staff is very responsive, the client communication has been wonderful -- most importantly the attorneys are are extremely knowledgeable and great litigators. Keep up the good work!

Chris B.

The attorneys at Hughes Ellzey are the best. I would recommend them to anyone, hands down. Experienced, professional and reliable. Craft Hughes exceeded my expectations and got me the results I was hoping for.

Jeremy J.