About Ellzey & Associates, PLLC

Ellzey & Associates, PLLC is a Texas personal injury law firm that aggressively advocates their clients’ interests in a wide range of legal disputes.

We have successfully represented individuals in catastrophic injury cases involving brain injury and burns. We handle injury cases resulting from dangerous conditions on business properties (premises liability cases), work injury cases, car accident cases, commercial vehicle and 18-wheeler accidents, dangerous and/or defective products (product liability cases), and auto defects.

Ellzey & Associates, PLLC also represents clients in consumer protection and Deceptive Trade Practices matters and Labor and Employment matters, including cases involving Fair Labor Standards Act violations (FLSA wage and hour claims), government contractor fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, Whistleblower and False Claims Act (Qui Tam) claims, whistleblower protection and wrongful termination.

Consultations are free, so please contact us today for more information. Most cases are taken on a contingency basis, so there is no fee unless you win.

At Ellzey & Associates, PLLC, we work for our clients—we work for you. Contact a knowledgeable, focused, and compassionate lawyer who will listen to the specific facts of your situation.

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The Texas personal injury law firm of Ellzey & Associates, PLLC is based in Houston, Texas, and represents clients nationwide.

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