Ellzey & Associates Sue CryptoZoo, Logan Paul

We have initiated the first of what will be many, many arbitrations against CryptoZoo and its founders. We patiently waited with our clients for Logan Paul and the CryptoZoo team to evaluated the situation and ultimately do the right thing. The options outlined in Mr. Paul’s three-part plan fall woefully short of making anyone duped into believing in the viability of this investment whole.

In light of the clear evidence of deceptive and fraudulent acts by the CryptoZoo team, and their stated refusal to refund fully all the victims, we are moving forward with legal action on behalf of our clients. We are working with Attorney Tom Kherkher to advise dozens and dozens of alleged victims of CryptoZoo’s practices who have contacted us, and signing those with viable claims.

The first arbitration complaint is pasted below. As you may have discovered, CryptoZoo’s legally-flimsy Terms and Conditions do contain an arbitration clause of questionable enforcement. We do not believe this clause is enforceable against many, if not all, the CryptoZoo investors. Nonetheless, arbitration is fine with us. We will gladly force CryptoZoo to pay tens of thousands of dollars in arbitration fees in this streamlined process for each of our clients who opt for this route. In the meantime, we are actively pursuing options for filing a class action lawsuit in federal court for the right client and on behalf of all those similarly situated.

Please review the most recently filed arbitration demand to get an idea of the allegations and claims we are making against CryptoZoo, Logan Paul, and the rest of the team:

The above Complaint contains only our allegations based on available evidence to date. We are confident we will develop the facts upon which these allegations are based during the discovery process. In the discovery phase of litigation, we will have the opportunity to request relevant documents, and, most importantly, take important witness depositions. Depositions provide the consumers’ lawyers a chance to ask questions of the defendants and third parties under oath. We have many, many questions about CryptoZoo’s business practices. However, if you have any questions in the meantime, watch this informative video produced by Attorney Tom, or call us any time.