Mary Ellen Wolf, et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank N.A., et al.; Cause No. 2011-36476 (151st District Court of Harris County, Texas)

(filed June 19, 2011). A class was certified on May , 2013 and Hughes Ellzey was named as lead class counsel. This is a currently pending complex mortgage securitization fraud class action, during which Judge Engelhart found Hughes Ellzey “experienced and adequate counsel” and “will fairly and adequately represent the interests of the Class,” considering the work Hughes Ellzey, LLP has “performed in (i) identifying and investigating potential claims in this action, (ii) Class Counsels’ experience in handling class actions, other complex litigation, and claims of the type asserted in this action, (iii) Class Counsels’ knowledge of the applicable law, and (iv) the resources Class Counsel will commit to representing the Class.”