Jeff Salazar, et al. v. Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., et al., Case No. 7:10-cv-00021

(D.S.C. Jan. 5, 2010), subsequently consolidated with eight other class action suits and added to Plaintiffs’ Fourth Amended Class Action Complaint in Kenneth Spinelli, et al. v. Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., et al., (8:08-cv-00132) (Dkt. No. 140) (M.D. Fl. Aug. 5, 2010). A nationwide settlement class was certified and Hughes Ellzey was not named as class counsel. However, attorney W. Craft Hughes was listed as “Additional Plaintiff’s Counsel” in the Settlement Agreement, and the work performed and time spent by attorney W. Craft Hughes was submitted simultaneously along with appointed class counsel for determination of loadstar and reimbursement of expenses. (SeeNo. 145-1, Notice of Settlement, Exhibit 1, Aug. 13, 2010; and Dkt. No. 239, Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Attorney’s Fees, Dec. 22, 2010)