Another Trial Win!

Jarrett Ellzey and Leigh Montgomery of Ellzey and Associates secured another win in Hidalgo County, Texas. Ochoa v. Quraishi, M.D. was initially filed in October, 2019. Our client, Ms. Ochoa, filed claims of assault and false imprisonment against her former employer. A jury held her… read more

Burn Injuries and Litigation

It may not be obvious but hot coffee, batteries, crock pots and fires all have a common theme: burns. With so many factors and possibilities, sometimes being careful isn’t enough to avoid injury. Improper temperature, broken devices, explosions, chemical spills and other accidents aren’t always in… read more

EA Wins Another Trial – $528,000 in Workers Comp. Retaliation and Fraudulent Misrepresentation Case

It’s a bummer for an evil supervisor when the “undocumented worker” you hurt on the job is actually documented and shows back up to jam Texas law down your throat. Next time, take care of your personnel and don’t hide the workers comp insurance you… read more

What is My Burn Injury Case Worth?

In reflecting on the injury cases I have handled, the two most horrific injuries a human being can suffer as a result of someone’s negligence are burns and brain injuries. Burns leave the victim with a lifetime of disfigurement, pain, and all the emotional damage… read more

What is the Minor Settlement Process in Texas?

Minor settlement hearings are almost always required in cases involving an injury to a person under the age of 18.  This process allows the court to consider the facts of the case, the injuries at issue, the risk of continuing litigation.  The court considers all… read more

The Big Question – What is my personal injury case worth?

Why does every potential client ask this question? Because most people who come to me are worried about how they are going to pay their bills after suffering a serious and debilitating injury. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple. It does not appear in… read more

What is a Brain Injury – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Lawsuit

Brain injury symptoms and care is complex as it involved both physical and psychological health. Legal cases related to these injuries may also be complex as symptoms vary and can even manifest well after the initial accident, sometimes weeks to months. It’s important to consult… read more