Ford Death Wobble Injury Attorneys

Ellzey & Associates, PLLC is currently accepting cases involving injuries caused by the Ford Death Wobble. This problem is caused by the abnormal and premature wearing of loosening of the suspension parts of certain Ford Trucks. If you own a Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, or F-550, model years 2005 through 2019, you may have experienced a violent shaking of the steering wheel or the vehicle spontaneously losing control at highway speeds.

Video Depicting the Ford Death Wobble:


This suspension defect and the violent shaking that results from it poses a significant safety risk to the operators of the vehicles listed above. Notably, this problem can occur in normal driving conditions and at normal highway speeds. Numerous owners and lessees of the affected vehicles have experience this spontaneous and violent shaking of the steering wheel and have been involved in accidents as a result of the problem.

The Death Wobble is Caused by a Suspension Problem

Evidence shows the problem is the result of premature wearing of the suspension and linkage systems (shown below). The effected components of the steering and suspension system includes the pitman arm, damper bracket, the ball joints, control arms, shock absorbers, and struts.

Most of our clients were injured in single-car accidents. In other words, the violent shaking of the steering wheel was the only causation element in the accident, and not the conduct of another driver. In most cases, the death wobble causes the driver to lose his or her grip on the steering wheel or simply lose control of the vehicle while on the highway. More often than not, the truck leaves the safe lane of traffic and continues off the highway.

Ellzey & Associates has a team of skilled and experienced engineers ready to examine your vehicle post accident. We advise you to keep possession of your vehicle to allow our experts to inspect it. Do not allow your insurance company to take possession of the truck, nor should you permit a vehicle storage lot to convince you to dispose of the vehicle. The bottom line is, if there is no truck our our firm and Ford to inspect, you have a major uphill battle. Keep the evidence.

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Ellzey & Associates is currently representing individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by the Ford Death Wobble. It has been alleged that Ford knew about the defect for years and actively concealed that particular components of the Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550, years 2005-2019, are prone to failure. Ford should have known about the suspension defect since at least 2005. Ford has allegedly refused to replace and repair the affected vehicles despite notice and knowledge of the defect from thousands of complaints Ford has received over the years.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the Ford Death Wobble, call us for a free case evaluation today.