Fighting Sexual Abuse of Minors in Camps, Schools, Work, and Professional Offices

The twisted temptation to take advantage of vulnerable young people in settings where they are even more vulnerable has existed for ages. Now, however, predators have new tools to lure minors and document encounters – smart phones and social media.

Ellzey & Associates has experience successfully litigating cases involving camp personnel, school teachers, co-workers and bosses, and medical professionals who exploit minors for sexual gratification.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s office has served as a setting for professional staff to video, photograph, or physically contact minors ostensibly for the purpose of medical diagnosis. Minors often do not realize they have been exploited until deliberating on the experience, sometimes for years, or discussing it with an adult. While a statute of limitations is applicable to certain claims a victim might bring against an abuser, there are many exceptions to situations where a minor are involved. Parents or loved ones should contact an experience attorney immediately.

Summer camps and schools are also places that tend to both attract predators. These institutions allow creditors to access minors from a position of power or mentorship (much like schools) where the predator can manipulate the younger, vulnerable target to acquiesce to sexual advances. We have seen multiple cases wherein the perpetrator uses smart phones or other devices for “sexting” and coercing explicit photography from the minor victims. Social media, such as Snapchat is often utilized to pacify victims into a familiar, seemingly safe, forum where the grooming process begins. Once the perpetrator insnares the unwitting victim into what appears to be a caring friendship, the predator invariably begins to shift the narrative toward his or her sinister motive.

Unfortunately for the victims of this reprehensible practice, there is always lingering psychological damage that will require extensive therapy, sometimes for years. The victims often blame themselves for being “stupid” or for inviting the predator into their lives under hopes of forming a real friendship. But they are never right – they are, in fact, victims of the mind and evil methods of a twisted individual.

There is almost always a criminal case connected to situations involving sexual abuse. However, it is also important to hold the perpetrator and its employer (who almost always had enough information to know better) accountable through a civil case. This will help ensure future harm and obtain compensation for the victim who will need financial assistance to overcome these traumatic past experiences.

Ellzey & Associates is here to help you or your family fight institutions, such as camps, schools, employers, and doctor’s offices who turn a blind eye to dangerous indicators of sexual abuse. We are ready to help you.