The Big Question – What is my personal injury case worth?

Why does every potential client ask this question? Because most people who come to me are worried about how they are going to pay their bills after suffering a serious and debilitating injury. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple. It does not appear in… read more

ATTN Good Faith Whistleblowers – You will not Violate HIPAA by Disclosing Certain Info to Attorney

If you are a potential healthcare whistleblower (say, someone about to blow the whistle on Dr. Fraud for overfilling Medicare), it is legal for an employee of a covered entity to take PHI from their employer and disclose it to a lawyer so that the… read more

How to Stop Telemarketers in a Way that Benefits All!

How do I Sue Telemarketers for Violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (the “TCPA”)? You are entitled to a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500 per illegal call. Here are the primary methods for stopping the calls and obtaining compensation: You may file… read more

Alleged Nurse-Beating Texas Doc Can’t Evade Assault Claims

The Texas Medical Liability Act, along with numerous other Tort Reform measures, were enacted in 2003, now eighteen years ago. This law was meant to protect physicians and health care entities from “frivolous lawsuits.” The statute, among other things, limits non-economic damages to $250,000 per… read more

What is a Brain Injury – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Lawsuit

Brain injury symptoms and care is complex as it involved both physical and psychological health. Legal cases related to these injuries may also be complex as symptoms vary and can even manifest well after the initial accident, sometimes weeks to months. It’s important to consult… read more

Healthcare Whistleblower Protection In Texas – Report a Violation Now!

WHO CAN BLOW THE WHISTLE ON A HOSPITAL, MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY, OR TREATMENT FACILITY? The answer is quite simple – anyone. If you are an employee of a hospital, mental health facility, or treatment facility, you can blow the whistle on these folks and sue… read more

How Can I sue for Wrongful Termination in Texas?

1. The At-Will Doctrine and Its Exceptions. Texas is a pro- business state and recognizes the at-will employment doctrine. This means, in a general sense, that an employer may terminate an employee for any non-discriminatory reason. Simply put, a boss can terminate a subordinate simply… read more

Misclassification of Exotic Dancers as Independent Contractors. Big No-No.

Here’s a little known fact: a gentlemen’s club may not charge an exotic dancer fees to work at the club if the club is attempting to classify dancers at independent contractors. This practice violates the Fair Labor Standards Act. Great article from the Houston Chronicle… read more

Exotic Dancers Get Class Cert. In Texas Wages Suit

This article came out in Law360 just before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued the Swales opinion, which requires some legwork in discovery before certification. So, we have to do a little more work. That’s what we do every day. I expect the coverage… read more

Don’t Hire a Lawyer While Under The Influence…

…of bad marketing. This includes promises, guaranteed results, or outlandish claims of past triumphs. The old adage is, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I am passionate about this subject for two big reasons – bad marketing practices are dangerous… read more

The Glaringly Obvious Problem With Elected Justices

Guys like me knew this already. But it is disturbing to see it in print. I need not write more… After $250k in political support from Apache Corp., Texas Supreme Court does a rare double takeLast fall, it seemed that Apache Corp., the giant… read more

The Evidentiary Black Hole

Gather everything you think you will need for your lawsuit before you contact your lawyer. Why? Because the defendant in your case almost always has exclusive control of the evidence and the narrative once the case begins. This means that the defendant, an unscrupulous one,… read more

Give me your tired…

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… Says Lady Liberty at the mouths of the Hudson and East Rivers. I’m saying it to you – give me your poor and downtrodden because that is who needs the protection of the Seventh Amendment –… read more

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