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“The very astute members of the jury saw through the defense and made the right decision after deliberating for less than two hours. I’m proud of our client for standing up for himself when most people would have taken the blow and tried to move on with their lives.”

– Jarrett L. Ellzey, following a multi-million dollar verdict in only his second jury trial.

About Jarrett

Jarrett L. Ellzey has a passion for representing the injured, fighting corporate corruption, and holding cheats accountable.  For nearly his entire career, Jarrett has represented plaintiffs in personal injury matters in Texas and New Mexico.  He has also handled nationwide consumer class actions and labor cases federal courts across the nation, including Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Mississippi.  As a result, Jarrett has some of the broadest civil litigation and trial experience any potential client will find in the industry.

Jarrett started his career on the other side of the docket; so, he understands the mindset of insurance carriers, major corporations, and the lawyers who represent them.  He began practicing law at a prominent defense firm where he represented physicians, hospitals, and nurses in medical malpractice actions.  The opportunity to represent distinguished medical professionals was extraordinary. But, Jarrett’s professional interests always swayed toward working for individuals injured by unfair or negligent practices of businesses with greater economic clout and influence than the average consumer or working person.

Jarrett Ellzey has tried dozens of cases.  In only his second jury trial, Jarrett obtained an eight-figure verdict after a five-week contentious trial in Harris County.  He then went on a five-year run of success, during which he obtain over $23 million in verdicts. Jarrett served as lead counsel for the plaintiff in a commercial real estate dispute winning one of the largest fraud verdicts in Texas, earning him and the firm honoree distinction in the Texas Verdict Hall of Fame by Texas Lawyer VerdictSearch and recognition for one of the largest civil awards in Texas in 2012.  He also was one of the few trial lawyers in the nation to beat summary judgment and obtain a verdict ($5.4M) on behalf of a homeowner against Wells Fargo Bank on the heals of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Jarrett is a member of the highly selective American Board of Trial Advocates, having been inducted in the Class of 2020.  He is also Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. Having tried cases successfully for two decades, Jarrett understands a trial lawyer never stops learning and improving from experience.  For this reason, he is always willing to take a case to trial if the client and circumstances call for it.

Jarrett’s success is not limited to results in the courtroom for his individual clients. His practice also focuses on consumer-related class actions and whistleblower (qui tam) actions. Jarrett and the members of his firm have successfully handled a large class action docket, successfully recovering millions of dollars in settlements for consumers injured by deceptive and illegal business practices.

Jarrett also has extensive experience investigating and working closely with the government in the prosecution qui tam actions, often involving hundreds of millions of dollars of losses to the government at the hands of a dishonest business. Jarrett will not hesitate to fly across the country on short notice to meet personally with the potential whistleblower because he understands the brave and selfless act of reporting outside the company is likely to have an everlasting effect on that individual’s career and personal life. The importance of a close working relationship under such circumstances is critical to ensure the client’s comfort throughout the process and facilitate trust and communication between the client and his or her lawyer.

Jarrett brings a wealth of world experience to his practice. Born in Dallas, Texas, Jarrett is the son of a Navy officer and airline pilot and lived in numerous cities across the country before settling back in Texas. Jarrett and his wife Jennifer married while living in California, and now raise their three daughters a few miles from where Jarrett played little league and attended High School.


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